Genesis of the world, its development and function

- 15 - parapsychologists report about experiences with rebirth appear enigmatic. The mind cannot grasp it, one’s feelings more likely. We know too little about it! – The doctrine of reincarnation is the key that helps us recognise GOD’S justice in regards to our fate. One will find that one doesn’t actually have to literally stick to dogmas, that one can actually advance to the gist of the teachings , namely that all major religions and all secret revelations in essence teach mankind the same . Only the doctrine of reincarnation can give terrestrial life, with its often very severe karmic tests, a logical meaning. Each action results in an effect. The deeper knowledge of this law simultaneously provides a completely new philosophy. People will experience the things they think and put into practice. This in return means that the cause of what we presently experience can be found in the thoughts of the past . Result: The destruction of one’s own habitat. Today’s tragic situation consists of the idea held by atheists that there is no GOD. This produces the prevailing opinion that peace is not the domain of religion, but the concern of politics – it also produces the opinion in deists that GOD only revealed himself to people in ancient times and no longer does so nowadays. One has made attempts to tie politics and religion together in the past – all of them failed! Animosities with the use of violence take place everywhere on Earth, but whether aspects of religion plays a part or not is unimportant. The ”roots of all evil” remain undetected and they determine world and the party-political practices to a large degree. Politics and war have been interconnected since time immemorial. The strategies of destruction were optimised further and the rapidly progressing destruction of the environment also spreads fear. But to shy away from these brutal practices, they manifest themselves through gigantic heaps of rubble – in lots of countries and almost in every respect – would never enter the minds of responsible "leaders” in politics and commerce through reasons that no longer have anything to do with humanness. The thought structures are ill and the "perversions of thought" blossom. One wages financially benefiting wars and one grieves for millions of casualties and wounded, groans under financial pressures, prays for peace and expects that GOD will send us peace. GOD’S existence is denied when nothing happens or one blames him for everything because he allegedly allows it to happen. There is the danger that civilised human beings cannot recognise the difference between faith and superstition. All of them want to have modern opinions. The reality is that ignorance, backwardness and stupidity does generally hide nowhere else but behind the questionable concept of "modern". One is surprised over again about "modern" opinions and their effects. To be modern has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with positive progress. One even talks about "modern warfare" – about modern bestiality! Many citizens know that they are lied to in regards to important things in their life. Many are clear about the fact that they heard all kinds of falsified reports since childhood and that the human spirit has been saturated with prejudices for centuries and this to such a degree that the truth eventually seems incredible and the false facts credible . One is not prepared to contemplate GOD’S freshly revealed words, not to mention to acknowledge them and implement them. Not even theologians concern themselves with this in their incomprehensible, but usual jealousness that their religion could be diminished if knowledge would take its place. But the rash presumptions of a teaching position based on an insufficiently, self-acquired field of knowledge, always lead to the demonstration of one’s own incompetence! To constantly cite the Holy Scriptures does not suffice to gain worldwide peace. There were certainly some successes, but is the world okay now? It is not enough to point to Christ’s sermon on the Mount , political decisions are not influenced by this. People hear from pulpits that GOD accepted them and that they are therefore free of guilt – but they do not experience this. The truth must be lively, up to date and transparent for everyone, the way Christ’s pure doctrine was in his days. Aberrations and ignorance of indescribable proportions abound on Earth, specifically in regards to the divine truths. The rest of the truths within the Holy Scriptures have been too severely weakened through