Genesis of the world, its development and function

- 3 - Symbolised by the width of the funnel , all souls automatically received ever greater opportunities and freedoms the further they developed in a positive direction for as long as they followed the given path under free decisions of will. GOD also constantly develops further and expands along the direction of the arrows. The hypothetical area that is supposed to symbolise GOD therefore also constantly grows and grows – and the evolution funnel grows with it. Summary: GOD is the sentient and planning CONSCIOUSNESS of all of nature, a compelling, powerful thought. Those that imagine GOD in the shape of a human being, the way the Churches do, look in vain for their CREATOR. It only results in doubt . – One will never understand GOD’S existence if one equates him with that of a human being. GOD does not think like a human being in any shape or form! He is a spirit being that never makes an appearance as a human being, because he would place limits on himself and therefore no longer be able to perform his enormous tasks. The result would be the total collapse of creation. The Angels’ fall from grace GOD’S first born, the Bearer of Light Lucifer , however went his own way in order to surpass GOD’S creation. He opposed GOD. – Other souls also joint the anti-spirit of their own volition (freedom of will), some as convinced devotees and some as purely nominal followers. The anti-spirit was able to convince these souls of his delusion with cunning and trickery. These apostate souls, formerly Angels of Light , left the harmonious alliance and the constructive direction of development prescribed by the CREATOR. This created two polarities: Construction and destruction, good and evil, because all apostate souls work against GOD. The apostate souls however miscalculated, because they lacked the overview over the whole process, something only the CREATOR had. Result: The direction of development of the apostate souls did an about face and now ran opposite to the constructive direction prescribed by the CREATOR. The deeper the unfaithful sank into the funnel of evolution, the more they lost their existing freedom , because the funnel narrowed more and more. The LIGHT of LIFE that the CREATOR permanently radiates over all of his creation diminished at the same time. Due to the different characters of the apostate souls, they more or less sided with Lucifer (and do so to this day) on a plurality of levels of vibrations, respectively levels of existence developed, created through their negative thoughts. The deeper the apostate souls sank, the darker their countenance and their environment became, because only little light and energy of life entered into the funnel. But the anti-spirit’s lunacy did not allow him to admit his mistakes. His hatred for GOD increased into infinity. He put up with the darkness and bondage and sank to the very bottom of the funnel (L). He was left with only his enormous suggestive powers of thought and creation in this absolute darkness. The anti-spirit could and still can to this very day, direct A non-physical realm of pure spirit had come into being. This is how duality (Good and evil) and the anti-divine negative creation of the anti-spirit came into being.