Scientific insights verify GOD's existence

solve the enigma the world represents to us until we have solved the enigma human beings represent first and in particular the psychological side, that is to say, the enigma of the human soul. Bad Salzuflen, August 2002 A lot of people live as if they were immortal. And when they are too old and too weak to live the kind of life they hoped for in years from now, they fret in silence and with empty eyes about the dreams they could have lived if they had not trusted in “later”. I am appalled when I see so many young people whose skin is a smooth as silk, but whose eyes are nearly as empty as they could be. Kristiane Allert-Wybranietz 1. Introduction How can I explain to all my fellow human beings how inwardly beautiful life can be if one recognises its deeper meaning? I observe over again that most people only orientate themselves on externalities, that they only believe what they “see” with what they call their physical eyes, ergo that they factor out an area of life that is actually the most precious . It comes as no surprise that a lot of people become empty and that this emptiness must be filled with distractions and all kinds of stimulantions. But those that listen inside themselves during a quiet moment, become calm and ask: “Am I happy?”, “Do I live a fulfilled life?”, “Do I live what I yearn for deep inside of me?”, might, depending on the level of consciousness of their ego, feel the answer, namely how little living only for externalities brings. How insignificant it is to only live to eat and to drink, to live for the house and the car, to worry about how one looks, a successful carrier, well brought up children, a clean home, the hustle of the city, everyday life, a sunburned holiday, gossiping with neighbours, being politically pulled in this and that direction or the tense “cohabitation” with others. Is this all there is…? Is this what life is all about…? Does not each of us carry a yearning for more inside? Why is it so, why do most people only see externalities, only believe what they see, only think about physical things and live in a materialistic way? See the question of the meaning of life only in the light of Darwin’s “battle of survival” and deny God’s existence (Even though they might secretly wish for his reality, specifically when they look at the situation the world is in). But a lot of people still hold the opinion that he couldn’t exist, because alleged scientific insights and all intellectual contemplations indicate the non-existence of God. Is it so? The thoughts of many people are actually thoughts that were not formed in one human life, but already during the last 300 years.