Scientific insights verify GOD's existence

As philosophers like Descartes, Comte, Hegel and Feuerbach wrote down their thoughts, the rest of the world did not grasp the explosiveness within these ideas for some time after, namely that they would change the world – but not actually in a positive way. 1 This materialistic breading ground of thoughts found it easy to spread across the fertile soil of the belief in science prevalent in the western world. One could almost say: Materialism has become our ideology. This philosophical idea contains an unforeseen explosiveness. The thrust that diminished within the contemplations about a deeper meaning of life and about the divine status of human beings, initially with intellectuals and gradually also the broader masses, can be historically tracked. When people fear the ever increasingly appearance of difficult political currents and societal developments these days, you find that only very few are aware that the mental foundation for these circumstances lie in the secularisation 2 of past centuries. After the materialistic doctrines no longer provide God with a right to exist and as souls are no longer supposed to exist after death, there remains only one option according to the philosopher Martin Heidegger 3 , namely nihilism as the meaning of life, ergo heroic desperation. As the world falls ever more out of joint and talk about humanitarianism no longer seems to be an acceptable basis in light of all sorts of ever increasing brutality, a fear of existence spreads more and more all over the place. To have to look down into the abyss of nothingness makes people shudder. I hope that people do not find me arrogant when I say that the reasons for the production of this text is my wish to once again fill the emptiness in my fellow human beings with life, to simply take away their fear of nothingness and chaos in a scientific fashion, by showing all those that are subservient to the sciences that nature itself points out the fact that God exists . Look upon this text as being the plain avowal of a physicist: God and a spiritual sphere of life exist and the life of every individual human being has a deeper meaning. When I talk about God here, I neither mean the judgemental God, as he is often depicted by the Church, nor the dogmatic God of some sects. God is rather revealed to me through nature as the ORIGINAL FORCE behind everything that exists , as a force that permeates through all forms of existence, as the energy all of us exist from – as the creator and maintainer of all worlds. This is the God I am talking about; he is our father. 1 Descartes, died 1650, lived in complete isolation, implemented the basis for the development of rationalism. Rationalism looked at everything through the magnifying glass of common sense. Comte , died in 1857, was the founder of positivism. Meaningful are accordingly only statements based on experience, meaningless are all metaphysical tenets. This became the foundation of a materialistic view of the world. Hegel’s , died 1831, and Feuerbach’s , died 1872, ideas resulted in the Dialectic Materialism via Engels and Marx (DIAMAT) whereby everything in the world is physical and everything is guided by the dialectic battle of survival of opposites. 2 Secularisation: Development into the mundane, the transformation of spiritual goods into mundane goods. 3 Heidegger, born 1889, developed a philosophy of existence, known works are “Sein und Zeit” and “Was ist Metaphysik?”