Questions on the subject of physics

Welcoming all present and the start of questioning. Participant : GREETINGS IN THE NAME OF GOD! Dear spirit FRIENDS, we would like to deal with technical questions put by a physicist from Munich. You announced that you would bring two extra BEINGS of LIGHT for this purpose. We are pleased to be able to welcome these BEINGS this evening and we thank them for coming in order to support us. SETAN : GREETING IN THE NAME OF GOD AND PEACE ACROSS ALL FRONTIERS! This is SETHAN speaking. We greet you in the name of GOD. Two eminent BEINGS of LIGHT are present here to attend this meeting. We hope that we succeed in transforming the meeting this evening to such a level, that is becomes possible to have the transmission come across according to GOD’S WILL. We are grateful that the two BEINGS are prepared to support our meeting this evening. They brought a high FREQUENCY of LIGHT with them and they are BEINGS that usually do not see it as their assignment to participate in the activities of circles here on Earth. They are MEDIATORS and they support us so that these special questions can be answered. Participant : A few explanatory notes for the readers of these protocols to begin with: A physicist from Munich has been following our internet publications with interest for some time. He had composed a few questions from his field of expertise and he would like us to pass them onto the GOD’S HEIRARCHY on approval, hoping to receive answers. We are dealing with scientific questions that have not been conclusively answered to this day. – This is the first time that these types of questions have been asked by our work circle. Our questions mainly deal with general instructions. The reason for this might have been that nobody asked such technical questions before. None amongst us can answer these questions. This fact would have to be an advantage for our MEDIATOR from the realm of the spirit, because the psychic channel is not encumbered by the personal opinions and beliefs of our terrestrial medium. – I see only one problem, if there actually is one, namely a certain anxiousness of the medium. She is afraid that she might possibly receive the answers incorrectly or that her inner excitement could prevent the completeness of the transmissions. We therefore do not expect miracles and we will accept the result as it presents itself. Our aim is to show what’s possible with the help of authorised TEACHERS from the GOD’S WORLD without training. – How do you see this experiment and what problems could arise on your side? SETHAN : We would like to add that we will naturally try to round off the questions you ask us. The fact is that it is difficult for us to find the words that fit within your linguistic processes. We require a certain alertness in order to transmit certain, detailed answers here. It is naturally also a case of not knowing to what degree the medium reacts to our IMPULSES. We know that it will be difficult to transmit the content of the information in the way an expert on your side would like to hear them. It can certainly be a case where the answers cannot be transmitted fully structured, because interferences to the communications can come from our side as well as your side. It can happen that, based on the questions put to your medium, she will not be as permeable as you are used to. We will give it a try and we will do our utmost to guide these questions bit by bit towards completeness in your domain.