Questions on the subject of physics

SETHAN : It is utilised to fly faster than the speed of light . Physicist : It would also be interesting to know the way one can build an artificial field construction so that it can counteract the compression of the aether. Can this be understood along the lines of the Maxwell Theory or is it necessary to use a combined theory of gravity and electro-magnetism? SETHAN : The most important element here is to once again bring individual levels together . One without the other has no effect. You require a coupling to be able to connect the outside with the inside. It only goes from outside to inside and from inside to outside. This is an old rule, one that also has a great effect in your case. The life of your soul also radiates from the inside to the outside and you depend on the outside to enter you in a positive form. It is the interconnectedness of these three layered elements that allows this principle to become effective at all. Participant : We would like to thank all those that have helped to make dealing with these questions possible. I also cordially thank you on behalf of the questioner from Munich. May all of this contribute to help us understand our world and also us as human beings. GREETINGS IN THE NAME OF GOD! SETHAN : We hope that some of these answers make the physicist take a step in the right direction, namely towards the LIGHT. Everything is blessed and promoted through the POWER of CREATION. It is always a case of having to recognise oneself as a human being first before one can work with such levels of energy. It only works through one’s inner quality, through the spiritual and physical connection, they must be in harmony with one another before we can take this path in this form. – We are grateful to be able to ask these questions here and grateful that two ENTITIES from a high and ethereal plane helped to arrange this evening. We wish you a lot of LIGHT and a lot of SUNSHINE in your hearts for the coming weeks and we look forward to the next evening’s session. SETHAN and the TEAM. A short closing meditation to close the chakras followed. Words from WHITE EAGLE: Make peace with Heaven and peace on Earth will reign.